How to get here

1239622574_592Plane and Boat

You can come by plane to Trondheim-Værnes and then take the boat from the Pirterminalen in Trondheim. You can find the schedule under:
A direct trip from Trondheim is possible during the summer. During the winter months you must change your boat once.
The boat trip takes 3 hours and leads you through the great nature of the norwegian coast.

It is also possible to take the plane from Trondheim-Værnes directly to Frøya and with the boat to Mausund.


You can come by car to Dyrøy on Frøya island and then come to us with the
ferry to Mausund.
It takes you 3 hours from Trondheim and 9 hours from Oslo to reach us by car.


You can take the bus from Trondheim to Dyrøy on Frøya island and then reach us with the ferry. The company operating these tours is calles Trønderbilene (