Fish and fishing

Outside of Mausund you can fish by yourseld or go along with a local fisherman to experience of of norway´s finest sea-fishing. Fishes of over 20 Kg. are not uncommon. Your dreamfish is waiting.


We gladly help you to catch crabs and fish. If you are unsure about the preparation of your daily catch we show you how to prepare it traditionally.

The area are the best in Norway for scallops and giant crabs.
If you like you can dive for scallops in this very clear water.

You can find bluemussels and heartmussels along the shore and can pick them according to your demand.
It is also allowed to pick eggs from many wildbirds until 21. may each year.

One of our favourites is to take the boat out to one of the little islands and prepare the fresh seafood on the barbeque.

Below you see a traditional norwegian dish of dumplings made from fish.