On the former fishing village the life during the end of 1700 it was very hectic due to fishing, trade and providing sleeping places for seaman and fisherman.
Today there are only two houses left, the fishermens home and the trading-company. Both houses are owned by private persons. On the island you can see eggs and youngsters of different seabirds like the seagull.

Kya and Voksværet

On the island Kya there were hundreds of persons living togheter during the fishing season. Some of the houses are still left today and definitely worth a visit.
On Voksvær island there are 2 families living together with their children.

Left Islands

You can see rests of life of Molløya island, Tjønnøya island, Skjerdingen, Roparøya island.
In some of the islands one family just lived alone totally relying on the fish out of the sea.

Visiting or sleeping on a Lighthouse

Vingleia lighthouse is located four kilometers north of Mausund. You can rent the house for a day or even to sleep there. Every summer there is a lighthouse day with 250 visitors. Vingleia lighthouse can be found between the Froan Nature Reserve and Mausund.

Lavu – Traditional tent

During the summer of 2009 we buildt a Lavu on a small shore in which 12 persons can sleep together. Only the nature sound and loneliness will surround you.

From Pub to Pub

Mausund-island, Sula-island and Bogøya-island have their own special pubs. We recomend to visit all of them. Have you ever experience hoppng from one pub to the other by boat? Definitely an experience you should have during a warm summer night.