Welcome to Mausundglött!

Mausundglött is not only the perfect location for great fishing experiences throughout the year, but also for recreation seekers and families looking for an unforgettable vacation!

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Sea Fishing in one of Norway’s best fishing grounds

There are good reasons why Mausund is one of the best fishing grounds in Norway offering extraordinary fish densities.

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An unforgettable experience for all angler, nature lovers and families

Mausundglött offers not only prime fishing, but also guided tours experiencing the vast nature of western Norway.

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Welcome to Mausundglött
– Fishing, Guided Tours, Outdoor Experiences and Accommodation at the vest coast of Norway.

Mausundglött offers fishing trips in one of Norways best sea-fishing grounds in Norway as well as guided tours experiencing the vast nature of western Norway.
Thus Mausund is not only the perfect location for great fishing experiences throughout the year, but also for recreation seekers and families looking for an unforgettable vacation!


Sea Fishing in one of Norway’s best fishing grounds

There are good reasons why Mausund is one of the best fishing grounds in Norway. Due to the remote location of Mausund in a nutrient rich stream within the Atlantic, the waters around this lovely Island accommodate some of the densest fish populations in southern and central Norway.

We offer rental fishing boats and guided tours fishing for halibut, cod, leng, lump and co.

For further information, visit Fishing Mausund in West Norway

We own two boats which are 21 and 18 feet in length.
The bigger boats is equipped with a 60 horsepower diesel engine, GPS and Echolot. The smaller boat is equipped with a 20 horsepower petrol driven engine.
Beside the rental of both boats we also offer guided fishing tours.


Guided Tours, Seal Safaris, Eagle Safaris, Night Safaris, Cooking and romantic Lighthouse Nights

Beside fishing we also offer various nature experiences like seal safaris, Bird Safaris, Night Safaris, staying and on a lonely lighthouse our on a tent in an uninhabited island.

We look forward to welcome you on Mausund- or as we lovely call it “The pearl of Norway”!

Seal Safari

Grey seals and harbour seals are the most common species, ringed seals and greenland-seal can be found occasionally.

The grey seal is very shy and not easy to get close to and escapes quickly when they feel threatened. The harbourseal on the other hand is very curious. In particular the young seals are curious. During June-September the area has one of Europe`s largest population of grey seals and harbour seals.

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Eagle and Bird Safari

Every spring we are looking at the nesting sites of the white-tailed eagle. We in particular want to make sure that the eagles can bring up their young ones undisturbed so it is one of our biggest concerns that we do not move into them too close. When the young ones have grown up, they are less vulnerable, so close encounters are possible and very likely. It is exciting to see the eagles grow up to the adult age and to observe their first flights.

The area has one of the largest population of white-tailed eagle.

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Night Safari

Have you seen the lights of the coast at night with all its shades?
We promise to take you on an unforgettable experience.

On a night trip one can see sunset and sunrise during the same trip.
If you like you can catch the light with a camera or a brush.

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Catching Crabs

Another special – and very delicious – experiences is catching crabs.

Each season we set crab cages just outside the island. If you are interested, you can join us in setting the crab cages and picking up the crabs the next day. The hard work will be honored with big and tasty crabs for dinner!

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Extreme Vacation

Extreme Vacation in LavuOn an uninhabited island, you can stay in a Lavu, which is a traditional norwegian tent of the Sami-population. You will be alone with only the natural sounds and the power of nature!

Our Lavu was set up on Einbur Island.
It is beautifully located in the landscape and is ideal for seal and bird observation. Besides the proximity, you can find mussels and cockles on the shore nearby.

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Mausundglött means “Mausund View”. Due to the high elevation on the Island, you will have outstanding views wherever you look.
The accommodation itself consists of two apartments, both equipped with generous livingroom, kitchen and 28 beds in total. This makes Mausundglött not only a perfect for fishing groups and families, but also for bigger groups who are looking for relaxation in an outstanding nature.

We have collected further information below

Main Apartment

The main apartment consists of six bedrooms with room for up to 20 guests. The welcoming guesthouse contains a large dining room with capacity for 40 people and a spacey living room with 2 couch-groups. There are two bathrooms and two toilets available for our guests.
The kitchen is large and fully equipped for all of your needs.

Family apartment

This beautiful apartment has 2 bedroom with 8 beds, a big living room, bathroom/wc and a fully equipped kitchen and separate entrance from the main house – Mausundgløtt. If you wake up and hear the waves below your bedroom window you will never want to go back home!

Single Room

On request we also offer single rooms within the main apartment for all those who would like to stay overnight.

The house is well suited for «self-catering»  where you can rent a room in the big house, the small apartment, or the whole house. The standard is traditionally norwegian with a special emphasis being laid on the unforgettable nature arround the guesthouse.

During daytime we gladly take you out for different safaris e.g. Eagle, Seal, Seabird, lighthouse or  to the great Froan Naturreservat

You can also rent our house for working groups, kickoff groups, family parties, birtday partys, your wedding day, schoolgroups or whatever you wish to do on this beautiful island.

We are happy to help you to prepare food from your own catch. Due to our origin on the island cooking fish and crabs and scallops is what we grew up with and we are sure you will enjoy it just as much as we do.


Contact us for your unforgettable nature holiday!

We” are Berit and Gustav, living already for many years on Mausund, but still loving it like on the first day!

Born on Mausund and Hitra, we love sharing this great place with interested anglers, recreation seekers and other nature-lovers!


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